1) I don’t know how to ceilidh dance. In fact, what’s a ceilidh?

Ceilidh is pronounced “cay-lee”. Ceilidh dancing is a Scottish traditional style of social dancing that’s fun, easy and requires no dancing skills whatsoever, other than being able to tell left from right – and even that is up for negotiation! Echoes of ceilidh can be found throughout North America and the UK, from contra dancing to square dancing to formal Royal Scottish Country Dancing and English Country Dancing. Ceilidh dances are very easy, and most ceilidhs now include a dance caller who can teach the steps on the spot. Our caller will have you up and grooving in no time. We cater to all skill and ability levels, with a special welcome extended to wheelchair and mobility aid users.

2) Do I have to wear a kilt? Dance shoes? What about a toga?

You can wear whatever suits your event, although the energetic nature of ceilidh dancing might result in wardrobe malfunctions if you choose a toga.

3) My cousin wants to sing a song during my ceilidh. Can he?

Sure. Let us know beforehand and we can make a vocal microphone, guitar jack, etc. available for you. You’re also welcome to include speeches, raffles or party games.

4) How long will you play for?

Ceilidh performances are usually about 3 to 4 hours long, including a 30 minute intermission. We are quite happy to arrange this according to your needs and your venue’s rules. We also require about 45-60 minutes time on stage before kick-off to set up our equipment and to do a sound check.

5) Why are you called Point Five?

Point Five Gully is a classic winter ice climb on Ben Nevis, Scotland’s highest mountain and training ground for many aspiring alpinists. We climb it in our dreams.

6) What size performance space do you need?

A 5 x 2 metre stage is comfortable minimum, but we have played in smaller spaces where necessary!

7) What sound equipment, or PA, do you use?

We use high quality kit: RCF Evox speakers, XR18 digital mixer (with a spare Allen and Heath mixer) and Yamaha stage monitors. We also carry a spares to ensure nothing gets in the way of a good night. Oh, and we also have an AKG radio headset ‘Madonna’ mic for our caller so she can get down on the dance-floor when needed!

8) Do you have Public Liability Insurance?

Yes, we have a £10m combined PLI policy, please let us know if you need a copy of it.

9) Is your electrical equipment all PAT tested?

Yes, if you need to see our current certificate, please let us know.